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What's This About?

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"I mean, cool story and all, but how do I download this thing?"

Firstly, and foremost, the download to this gameplay mod can be found on my website:[MOD NOT DONE YET]
Expect it here, though alternative links will be provided if my website ever has to go down for some reason! 

The Weapons!

Pretty much the main part of this mod. (This section of the page can also be found in the mod's INFORMATION lump, use SLADE3 to view it!)
Designed not to stray too far from the vanilla set of weapons, whilst also ensuring they all have their own use, they are as follows:

Mr. Fist and the Skillsaws

The former is your fallback weapon, and the other is the replacement for the Chainsaw.

An Actual Starter Weapon

Replaces the Pistol, 'cause the Pistol is complete, useless garbage. In other words, you start with this weapon, alongside 75 Bullets.
Functions just like the Vanilla Chaingun, except it's pinpoint accurate, fires slightly faster, and fires one bullet at a time.

The Shotguns

Yep, there's three, count 'em, baby, three shotguns!
As to not waste time, they are as follows:

More Dakka: The Gun

Similar to the nature of the Heavy's Minigun, the Chaingun takes a fair bit to start up. It IS a pretty danged big gun, after all.
After that, a steady stream of bullets washes over your foes, shredding them just like your ammo supply.

Good thing your bullet cap was raised. 

Rockets 'n Grenades

Explosive ordinance is cool, but do you know what's even cooler? Double the explosive ordinance.


It destroys bitrate!
It turns eyes sore!
It's considered a meme in the Doom community!
And it's ready for you to wield.

Gone is the obscene firing rate of the original rifle, but it's new elemental properties will more than make up the slack left behind.
This weapon was made for healing with the heavies, rather than the more lightweight fodder, so don't waste cells on the latter.

Alt-fire dispels the FIREBLU cell directly, torching enemies with the memetic flame.

(and yes, I did use sprites from Shangri-La)

The B I G Weapons

The BFG-9001

The BFG, which worry not, is still very much the real deal in this mod, got a massive, MASSIVE upgrade.
Good luck being able to actually find one, and good luck trying to figure out what the alt-fire does.